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I love your website!You always have thought-provoking articles and information I can easily share with our employees and include in our training sessions. I appreciate having your newsletter as a resource.Thank you!

Susan Martinko
Community Services Group

There have always been people with disabilities in the world, and there always will be. Disability—like gender, ethnicity, and many other characteristics—is a “natural part of the human experience” (as expressed in the U.S. Developmental Disabilities Act).

But, historically, we have perceived disability as abnormal, a problem to be fixed, a condition to be cured, and more. (Somewhere along the way, we lost our common sense.) As a result, official policies to “help” were created, which have inadvertently led to the widespread segregation, inadequate education, staggering unemployment, and pervasive devaluation of men, women, boys, and girls who happen to have conditions known as developmental disabilities.

Conventional wisdom* is not working!

(*Today's policies, programs, and services that represent Disability World and the Disability-Industrial Complex.)

We can do better!

  • We can rediscover our common sense and recognize that people with disabilities are people, first: they’re ordinary human beings who have the same wants, needs, desires, and dreams as others. People with disabilities are more like people without disabilities than different!

  • We don’t need to change them, we need to change our attitudes and perceptions, which will lead to changes in how we think, what we say, and what we do.

  • We have the power to reclaim our common sense, practice new ways of thinking and talking, and embrace strategies that can enable children and adults with disabilities to live real lives—and to pursue the American Dream just like everyone else.

Click on the links below to go to the different Explore sections—you'll find a variety of innovative, thought-provoking articles full of Revolutionary Common Sense. An alphabetical listing of all articles is located at the lower section of this page.

People First Language
Words matter! It's time time to embrace more respectful ways of talking. And you can download the People First Language pledge!

New Attitudes
Everything begins with our attitudes, so check out these articles first and learn how the ways you think impact your own life and the life of people with disabilities.

Kathie, you speak from your heart and tell us things we should already know but haven't thought of yet. You make a positive difference in the lives of others. Thank you from all of us at Exceptional Persons, Inc.

Jane Edmondson
Staff Development Coordinator

Language and Communication
Words matter! The words we use create the reality of our lives. We need change on two fronts: how we think and talk about people with disabilities and the ways we communicate with one another.

Strategies for All
We need new, improved, and effective strategies to create positive change. Some strategies are changes we make in our actions; others are new methods to help children and adults with disabilities live the lives they want.

Education, therapies, family relationships, etc., are influential factors in the lives of children and their families. The articles in this section can ensure today's children are on a path to success as adults.

Professionals of all types, disability-related organizations, as well as churches, youth groups, recreational facilities, and other community groups can make changes in how they operate and change the lives of people with disabilities in the process.

Together, we can explore new ways of thinking, talking, and doing, and blaze new trails to a place where everyone belongs, so...

Let's Do It!



For ease in finding the title of an article, words like "the" and "a" in the beginning of a title have been omitted from the article titles in the list below. Each title is followed by the Explore section(s) where the article is located (a few articles are in two Explore sections). You can click on the link to the right of the title to go to the page where the article is located; you can also use the drop-down Explore menu at the top of this page. You'll find descriptions of each article on the Explore page where the article is located.

#1 Need New Attitudes
21st Century Eugenics New Attitudes
Ability to Choose + Helpful Tools = Success Strategies for All
Activity-Based Goals = Success Strategies for All ... Children/Families/Education
Advocate or Diplomat? Strategies for All
After Formal Assessments: Do Not Pass Go! Children/Families/Education
Altered Parenting Children/Families/Education
Amazing Grace (Religion) Professionals/Organizations
Annie in Disabilityland Children/Families/Education
Are NCLB and IDEA in Conflict? Children/Families/Education
Ask...and You Shall Receive Strategies for All
Ask—Don't Assume Strategies for All ... Language-Communication
Assistive Technology Can... Strategies for All
Assume the Best New Attitudes
Beliefs Necessary to Achieve Community Inclusion Strategies for All
Benchmarks New Attitudes
Benevolent Services, Dangerous Messages New Attitudes
Best Hopes, Worst Fears Strategies for All
Beware the Retarding Environment Strategies for All
Beyond High School: College and More Children/Families/Education
Beyond Tunnel Vision New Attitudes
Beyond "Two-Dimensional" Thinking Language/Communication
Call to Action New Attitudes
Can-List New Attitudes
Case Against "Special Needs" People First Language
Community Leadership for Inclusion Strategies for All
Consequences of Segregation New Attitudes ... Children/Families/Education
Creating Change Through Effective Communication Language/Communication
Culture of Caring Strategies for All
Curriculum Modifications (CM) in the IEP Children/Families/Education
CM 101-General Children/Families/Education
CM 102-Computers: Opening Doors Children/Families/Education
CM 103-History, Civics, Social Studies Children/Families/Education
CM 104-I Love Math! Children/Families/Education
CM 105-Let's Read!
CM 106-Writing: By Hand or Otherwise Children/Families/Education
CM 107-Ordinary Tools/Extraordinary Results Children/Families/Education
Dangerous DSM-IV New Attitudes
Dear Teachers and IEP Team Members Children/Families/Education ... Prof/Organizations
Dental Patient by Roy Gerstenberger New Attitudes ... Professionals/Organizations
Developmental Age vs. Chronological Age Strategies for All
Diploma or Certificate? Children/Families/Education
Disability Awareness vs. Similarity Awareness Language/Communication
Disability Business New Attitudes ... Professionals/Organizations
Disability Double Standard New Attitudes
Disability Hierarchy New Attitudes
Disability is Natural! Children/Families/Education
Disability-Industrial Complex New Attitudes ... Professionals/Organizations
Disability Issue or Human Being Issue? New Attitudes
Do Disability Organizations Presume Competence? New Attitudes ... Professionals/Organizations
Dream Without Limits! Strategies for All
Early Diagnosis: Boon or Bane? Children/Families/Education
Eliminating the Presumed Incompetence Paradigm New Attitudes
Employment: Who's Talking the Talk, But Not Walking the Walk New Attitudes ... Professionals/Organizations
Entitlement Mentality New Attitudes
Environment, Environment, Environment Strategies for All
Everyone Needs to Be Needed Stragegies for All
Evolution of Amy (as a therapist) Children/Families/Education ... Prof/Organizations
Eye Contact Strategies for All
Fact or Opinion? Language/Communication
Fatherhood Without Fear Children/Families/Education
FIRE! And Lessons Learned New Attitudes
First, Do No Harm New Attitudes ... Professionals/Organizations
From "Doing" to "Being" - A New Therapeutic Paradigm Children/Families/Education ... Prof/Organizations
From Inconvenient to Ordinary New Attitudes
From Pity to Equality: What's Your Position? New Attitudes
Gift of Fellowship New Attitudes
Girls Don't Play Drums New Attitudes
Go Beyond Goals: Think Outcomes! Children/Families/Education ... Strategies for All
Goals: Meaningful and Relevant or Garbage? Children/Families/Education ... Strategies for All
Going for the Gold: Self Employment Strategies for All ... Professionals/Organizations
Great Expectations Strategies for All
Great Ideas New Attitudes
Hearts and Minds New Attitudes
Hierarchy of Insults Language/Communication
Home, Sweet Home/Environments: "Regular" Stores Strategies for All
Home, Sweet Home/Environments: Behavior Supports Strategies for All
Home, Sweet Home/Environments: In the Bedroom Strategies for All
Home, Sweet Home/Environments: In the Kitchen Strategies for All
Home, Sweet Home/Environments: Physical Access Strategies for All
Home, Sweet Home/Environments: Self-Sufficiency Strategies for All
Home, Sweet Home/Environments: Vision Strategies for All
"HOW?" Is the Question Strategies for All
Human Services Agency GIVES Grant Money Professionals/Organizations
Humor to the Rescue: What Do You Say When...? Language/Communication
"I Don't Know" Language/Communication ... Prof/Organizations
I.D.E.A. - The Law vs. Reality Children/Families/Education
Identity Theft Language/Communication
If It's Written, Is It Done? (IEPs, IHPs, etc.) Strategies for All
IF-Thinking Strategies for All
In the Dance of Relationships: Who's Leading/Following Strategies for All
Inclusion: The Natural State New Attitudes
Inclusion: What Is Inclusion, What Isn't Strategies for All ... Children/Families/Education
Inclusive Education: A Primer Children/Families/Education
Inclusive Education (What's Special About Special Ed?) Children/Families/Education
Inclusive Education (Testimonial) Children/Families/Education
Inclusive Education: A Principal's Perspective Children/Families/Education
Inclusive Recreation: A Passport to Real Life! Strategies for All
Interdependence New Attitudes
Invisible Abilities New Attitudes
Is It "Just Semantics"? Language/Communication
Is Our Nation Serous About Educating Students w/Disabilities Children/Families/Education
It's About Trust New Attitudes
Joe Schiappacasse on (Everyone's) Behavior Strategies for All
Keep It Simple! Focus on Solutions, Not Problems
Strategies for All
Labor Day Strategies for All
Legacy Strategies for All
Lessons of Segregation New Attitudes
Let's Get Curious! New Attitudes
Let's Stop the Hurt Language/Communication
Life Beyond the Label Language/Communication
Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal New Attitudes
Living Natural Lives Strategies for All
Look Before You Leap! Strategies for All
Lost Art of Manners Language/Communication
Magic (and Lessons) of Movies New Attitudes
Mainstreaming, Integration, Inclusion: Is There a Difference? Children/Families/Education
Making Memories Strategies for All
Marketing 101 Strategies for All
Memories: Testimonies About the Living, Not Just the Dead Strategies for All
Mining Our Natural Resources Strategies for All
Mixed Messages New Attitudes
Moral Imperative of Inclusion New Attitudes
Natural Supports/Generic Svcs: More Important Than Ever Strategies for All
Negative Prognoses and the Disability Double Standard Language/Communication
New (and Improved) Therapeutic Landscape Children/Families/Education ... Prof/Organizations
New Agreements Create New Lives Strategies for All
New and Improved IEP Meetings (and other "I" Meetings) Children/Families/Education ... Strategies for All
New Way of Thinking New Attitudes
No Child (or Adult) Needs an Aide Children/Families/Education ... Strategies for All
No More Sacrificial Lambs Children/Famlies/Education
No Responsibility? No Real Life Strategies for All
No, Not "Special" - They are Ordinary Needs New Attitudes
On Becoming a Business Owner Strategies for All ... Professionals/Organizations
One Thing Strategies for All
Our Actions - Their Futures Strategies for All
People as Precious Commodities New Attitudes ... Professionals/Organizations
People First Language People First Language
People First Language (A Few Words About...) People First Language
People First Language Chart People First Language
People First Language/Portuguese People First Language
People First Language/Russian People First Language
People First Language/Spanish People First Language
Permission to Fail...and Succeed Strategies for All
Personal Responsibility vs. the Nanny State New Attitudes
Philosophy for Change New Attitudes
Power of Environment Strategies for All
Power of Hope New Attitudes
Power of Imagination New Attitudes
Power of the Personal Story
Strategies for All
Presume Competence: Challenging Conventional Wisdom New Attitudes
Problem with "Problem" Language/Communication
Problem-Solving: A Most Valuable Skill Strategies for All
Public Images vs. Personal Self-Esteem Language/Communication ...  Prof/Organizations
Quality of Life New Attitudes
Question Yourself! Strategies for All
Redefining Disability New Attitudes
Reflections on Early Intervention Services Children/Families/Education
Reflections: I Wonder... New Attitudes
Reinventing DD Agencies Professionals/Organizations
Relevant and Meaningful Strategies for All ... Children/Families/Education
Religion and Disability: Are All Welcome? Professionals/Organizations
Remember the Bicycle! (Assistive Technology) New Attitudes
Remember the Ham! Language/Communication
Remember the Law of Unintended Consequences Strategies for All
Right to a Normal Life New Attitudes
Safety First Strategies for All
Same and Different: Respect for All (for children) People First Language
Self-Advocacy: It's Never Too Early! Children/Families/Education
Self-Determination for All New Attitudes
Separate and Unequal New Attitudes
Set-Up for Grief Children/Families/Education
Shhh! Someone's Listening, Watch Your Language! Language/Communication
Sibshops: A Sensible Solution? Children/Families/Education
Small Footprint Strategies for All
Special Ed Preschools: Help or Hindrance? Children/Families/Education
Spiderman, Star Wars, and Disability New Attitudes
Spotlight on Diversity Strategies for All
Spring-Cleaning Ourselves Strategies for All
Summer Vacation: Time for Fun and Time to Plan Children/Families/Education
Take a Walk in Their Shoes Strategies for All
Tale of Two Students Children/Families/Education
Ten Commandments for Community Inclusion Strategies for All
Thoughtful Analogy: Free the Giraffes! New Attitudes
Ticket to Inclusive Schools Children/Families/Education
TMI and Organ Recitals Language/Communication
Trading Places Strategies for All
Treatment Strategies for All
Value of Being a Skeptic New Attitudes
Voice of Authority (and Knee-Jerk Reactions) Strategies for All
What Approach Should I Take for My Child with Autism Children/Families/Education
What We Owe Children Children/Families/Education
"What Will It Take?" Language/Communication
What's a "Behavior"? New Attitudes
What's Happening Today? What's Really Important? Strategies for All
What's In a Name? Language/Communication
When Is a Disability Not a Disability? New Attitudes
When Less is More Strategies for All
When the Table is Turned Strategies for All
Which Should Be Defended: Inclusion or Segregation? New Attitudes
Who Is a "Caregiver"? Language/Communication
Who Is a "Consumer"? Language/Communication
Whole Person New Attitudes
Whose Job Is It? Strategies for All
Why Choose Separation? Strategies for All
Why Do We Apologize? Language/Communication
Why Do We Have Parallel Worlds? New Attitudes
Wonderful Life New Attitudes
"Wrong" Is Just Not Right! Language/Communication
You Are What You Learn Strategies for All ... Children/Families/Education
Your Turn Strategies for All

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