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Rave Reviews of Kathie's Work

Funny, engaging, relevant, brilliant!
Conference Participant

Kathie engages heart, soul and brain. Wow!
Parent at Conference

After hearing Kathie's presentation, I’m going to encourage parents to
really dream with their children, and will support them in every way I can.

Conference participant/professional in the field

Read what others are saying about Kathie Snow’s presentations, the Disability is Natural book and DVD, her Revolutionary Common Sense articles, and more! (These comments are from Emails sent to Kathie and/or are comments made anonymously on conference evaluation forms.)

I have never been so moved, so many times in one afternoon. I laughed, I cried, but most of all my eyes were opened to so much for my life and my son’s life. All I can say is WOW! — South Dakota parent

I am writing to thank you for a life-changing presentation on Saturday. I am a changed woman on a mission! I want to help my daughter find her joy and her voice. I want to help others know her for the sweet three-year-old girl that she is, not for her “scary” diagnosis. At one point you clearly stated that your son, Benjamin, is a gift, and my daughter is also a gift! I cannot wait to plow through your book; you are a truly talented woman who uses her “gift of gab” to touch so many. Thank you! — Cara from Virginia

It’s me—the sobbing one. I hope that triggers your memory! Thank you for your presentation this weekend. So many things touched me; I will be forever changed. — Kendra, parent from North Carolina

Kathie’s presentation helped me discover a newfound sense of comfort in claiming my disability. — Person with a disability from Iowa

Our agency refers caregivers to your site several times a year in our newsletters. Your book is so “commonsense-ical” that we hope it is on the Must Read list at the Library of Congress! Thank you and please continue to scold us all! — Lee from Arizona

Just wanted you to know that I’m still living with the guts of your presentation. You are one of the most powerful presenters I’ve ever come across—and it doesn't hurt a bit that your message is so logical and so radical and so SENSIBLE that it is irresistible. — Bill, parent from Tennessee

You really shook my ground when you presented—some of it was hard to hear, but you planted a seed. I’m a changed person because of it. — Amy, mother of a 4-year-old with autism

Kathie's presentation helped me realize that my feelings of self-worth can be changed by what words are used. — Person with a disability from Iowa

Your articles open the eyes of the staff that I work with. Keep up the passion you have for this. Systems change happens a little at a time, but we will spread the word. Many people have responded to your insights, telling me they had never before viewed people with disabilities in the light that you shine upon the issues. — Jim, person with a disability and professional in the field, Nebraska

Superior presentation! Wish I had heard her years ago; so important to learn never to squash someone's dreams. — Nebraska early intervention professional

After Kathie’s presentation, I plan to reconsider all the therapies and my constant striving to help my son “be better.” He needs to know he is okay the way he is. — Parent from Missouri

Kathie should speak to every organization, group, and government in the world. Her presentation is a work of philosophy, art, and activism! — Nevada conference participant

Great insight from Kathie—“presume competence” and “age-appropriate.” — Michigan conference participant

Kathie’s no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is approach shows how ridiculous Disability World is when compared to the Real World . . . how the system can really hurt the people we’re supposed to be helping. — Indiana conference participant

Kathie Snow asks us to stop living in history and start living in our imaginations, and she successfully shows us how to bridge the gap. — Colleen Wieck, Executive Director, Minnesota Council on Developmental Disabilities

As a person with a disability, you inspired me to go beyond my comfort zone and be assertive in my life. — Trenell from Texas

As a manager of a group home, I'm always striving to help my guys reach their dreams. Kathie's presentation helped me see where I may have gone wrong sometimes, and how I can do better. — Illinois conference participant

I am blown away by your website and so happy to have found it. I began my journey as a special educator in 1973 and now a college professor developing an inclusion program to train special educators and regular educators to work with children with diversities in the general education class. I am also the grandmother of a grandson who, as he describes it, “works with his Asperger's every day.” While I struggle to convince my peers that disability is a natural part of life, I never give up. I know that I am right and your website gave me the emotional and professional boost I needed to keep going. Thank you so much. — Betty from Georgia

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the work you do. Every time I open my email and your newsletter is there, it's like getting a little surprise gift . . . I know that somewhere in the pages, I’m going to get reaffirmed, challenged, tickled, and most of all, re-energized. — Mike, Kentucky university

Congratulations on your web site—it’s a masterpiece! Your thoughts are by far the most thought-provoking, accurate, and inspiring that I have encountered - Neal, professional in the field and person with a disability from California

I'm planning on using your People First Language (PFL) commentary in the two courses I’m teaching. PFL is an important skill for special educators to know. Thanks for writing such an educational and important commentary! — Sara, Adjunct Professor, Special Education

The Transition Coalition at the University of Kansas has identified your site as one that demonstrates “best practices.” — Rachel, Transition Coordinator

After hearing Kathie's presentation, I’m going to encourage parents to really dream with their children and will support them in every way I can. — Conference participant/professional in the field

Thank you for your presentation. As the mother of a son with autism, I've been through a range of emotions and you helped refuel my fire. I hope to refuel the fires of others, just as you did for me. You are an inspiration, a guiding light for those of us who have just begun to reach out of the dark. - Suzanne from Kansas

I admire Kathie’s courage in tackling some emotionally-charged issues. She must take a lot of heat for her views, but many of us know that what she says is true—specifically the notion that we need to free ourselves from the service system in favor of generic services and natural supports. She helps us think about a whole new way to become a true part of the community, and I think she's got the right idea. What’s being done now is not working! Relying on cash-strapped government agencies is a slippery slope to nowhere. Natural supports are lifelong, more appropriate, and less costly. My daughter is thirteen and I know she will be part of her community. Although she has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair, she has much to offer her neighbors, her city, her state, and her country. — Jerry, doctor and parent from Alabama

After Kathie’s presentation, I feel like I’ve stepped into the future—a beautiful, humane world. Keep helping us understand each other as human beings. — Parent from Nevada

I thought this was the most truthful of all the presentations at this statewide conference. — Indiana conference participant

Kathie’s presentation brought me back to focusing on the original philosophy of our organization. Because of funding regulations, we’re being pulled away from this and I want to fight for what is “right,” not just what Medicaid may say is needed for good outcomes. — Agency professional from Iowa

Can I include a reference to your web site and People First Language as we work toward implementing an antidiscrimination law into Swedish legislation? People First Language is not known to the general public here. - Hans, Advocate from Sweden

I'll be sharing your video with my audiences when I present in Asia next month. It's excellent and I show it every chance I get. - Barbara, Trainer on Disability Issues

When I read your article, “Disability is Natural,” I cried, because for once someone saw what my husband and I saw in the same exact words. I just dropped my jaw, and read the whole article to my husband. We’ve always seen our children as children, first. I love reading your work—I can't thank you enough for seeing what we see. — Kami, parent from Minnesota

Even after my 35 years in the field, Kathie’s presentation helped me think about better ways to support people with disabilities. — Illinois conference participant

Since Kathie’s presentation, we realize we need to be more accepting of students with disabilities and concentrate more on how to assist them in being successful instead of trying to change/fix them. — Educator from Iowa

I’m a mother of four children; one has autism and one has Tourette’s. Your signature saying (“Disability is Natural”) has CHANGED OUR LIVES FOREVER. It is very difficult to have this kind of thinking in the autism community . . . Thank you for listening. Because of “Disability is Natural” I have gone back to work part-time and to college part-time. I feel like a real person again! — d'Arcy from Nevada

At our agency, we'll now be implementing Kathie’s philosophy that children/people with disabilities need to feel “needed,” not “needy.” — Nebraska early intervention professional

After hearing Kathie’s presentation, I feel more comfortable with my disability and how my experiences within my family, school, and friends affected my feeling of my disability. I actually see my disability as a positive and unique aspect and characteristic. — Person with a disability from Iowa

Remember me? I was the one who burst out crying at the end of your presentation. I have seen the light. This has changed my life. My burden has been lifted. I thank God for letting me find the way to you. This has been one of the best experiences of my life. I hope I can see as clearly as you do someday. Before your presentation, I felt like I couldn't take anymore, but you have given me hope. I feel alive again. I am so excited to help create a society in which all are valued and all belong. I didn't want the time with you to end! — Tracie from Georgia

Kathie offered a different perspective on providing supports to families. It’s not always in the best interests of the family to overload them with therapy services or to make them feel guilty for wanting a normal family life. — Illinois conference participant

After Kathie’s presentation, I’ll always remember to “listen to the child,”and provide assistance devices to allow children to do what they're capable of so they can be more independent and not helpless. — Nebraska early intervention professional

Before Kathie’s presentation, I thought it was too soon to take my elementary-aged daughter to her IEP meeting, but now I don’t think any meeting should happen without her. — Illinois parent

Kathie, you have saved my life! I accept my children and love every part of them! — Parent from Nevada

I strongly recommend only one thing after all these months of trying and trying and trying so many options to make my son's life better and it’s Kathie Snow’s book: Disability is Natural. — Julia, parent from Paraguay

Thank you, Kathie, for your message. It’s wonderful and I’ve encouraged my daughter’s therapists and some other families to order your book as well. My daughter is only two and I know your book will help me going forward especially dealing with her education. Before reading your book, I was unaware of the dangers of [segregated] special education or [traditional] testing. I want the best for my daughter and I’m thrilled to have found your book.—Sherry

I “won” your book in a Silent Auction. I have never had to think so much and reexamine how I am with my seven-year-old son. It has been hard! It has also been good for me, and for our family. Thank you for your wonderful and powerful writing! — Cynthia from Iowa

This was really an eye-opening, life-changing experience! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to be the mom my son deserves. — Ohio parent

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