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I hope these sites will be of interest to you. Some were originally included in previous Disability is Natural E-Newsletters. These listings are provided only as information; no endorsement is implied, but I have shared my positive opinion about a few! I try to stay on top of things, but please click here to contact us if you discover a link that's not working or is no longer accurate.

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Partners in Policymaking has a variety of extraordinary (and free) online courses, on disability history, advocacy, special education, employment, and more. features “Stories that embrace the joy and power of people with disabilities.” is the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) National Network., hosted by Kathy O'Connell, is positively focused on "living fully with a disability." features several helpful documents about "apps" that can be useful to children and adults with disabilities. is hosted by Nicole Luongo, poet, activist, and more; she focuses on the bare, naked truth about living with a disability. is a positive site, billed as: "Infinite Ability—Exploring disAbility Through Creativity!" is all about inclusion, including the organization's "Let's ALL Play" project (inclusive recreation). is a blog by a talented young woman who has a disability. is Dental Lifeline Network, a national organization of dentists who provide free dental services for people who have disabilities, are older, or are medically at-risk. is a website from the UK that focuses on issues related to children and adults who have an ostomy. is an international site, that also focuses on the abuse of children with disabilities in educational facilities. is a wonderfully positive site about having a child with Down syndrome. is described as, "Beauty In Imperfection: Do You See Beyond The Shape of Me?" and focuses on issues related to people with facial and/or skull differences. hosted by Diana Pastora Carson, a great teacher and proud sister of Joaquin (who has a disability). Diana's website also features a variety of interviews you can listen to: is a super video entitled “All Born In – End the Exclusion” and features Daniel and his drum teacher, Earl. Daniel’s stage name is “Chicken-Bone Dan.” Daniel chose the photos and helped write the song; his big brother, Quinn, played and mixed the music, and produced the film. Check it out! is a wonderful site hosted by Terri Abrams, a New York parent and activist. is described as, "The Whole Person, Inc., assists people with disabilities to live independently and encourages change within the community to expand opportunities for independent living." is hosted by Craig Phillips, "a traumatic/acquired brain injury survivor, with a message of encouragement, motivation, empowerment, and hope." is hosted by an accomplished teen writer and artist who has autism. is a site that "demystifies autism from the inside out." is a fascinating site hosted by D.J. Svoboda, a young man with autism. is the site of an accomplished author, speaker, and inventor who has a disability. helps people with disabilities and their families become "infected with hope." is described as "The REAL Voice of Autism;" scroll to the bottom of the home page and see how they feel about the Cure Autism Now effort. focuses on "Autism, Dating, and Socialization." features one-of-a-kind jewelry (and fascinating info) from a talented young artist who happens to have Down syndrome. is a dating and friendship website focused on people with disabilities. is a positive autism-related website from Australia. offers helpful information about ramps (for homes, businesses, cars, etc.)—how to choose the right ramp, how to build one, and more. is a resource on traumatic brain injury, mild brain injury, concussion, blast injury, and PTSD. is a blog by a young man named Christian, who writes about living with Potocki-Lupski Syndrome. is "a place to celebrate diversity. 


EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION AND/OR PRODUCTS provides information about financial aid for students with disabilities in post-secondary education. is hosted by Charmaine Thaner, a retired teacher (general and special ed) and parent of a young adult with a disability; focused on inclusive education and positive strategies. is an educational resource site for students with disabilities and student athletes.

Universal Design for Learning can make all the difference for ALL (including, of course, children and adults with disabilities). Check out these sites: is irreverent, funny, thought-provoking and more, hosted by Don Asbridge. is the federal Department of Education website on I.D.E.A. - Special Education Law. is hosted by educator Vaughn Lauer, Ph.D., and provides helpful resources for parents and teachers. is hosted by a parent and features helpful educational info regarding students with disabilities. Also check out a companion blog—"Bringing Back the Joy of Learning"—is from Nancy Barth, a retired teacher. is the website of Program Development Association, and features a variety of training materials. focuses on software for reading comprehension for people with dyslexia and other conditions. features some interesting position statements; check out the ones on "Inclusive Programs for Students with Disabilities" and "Student Grade Retention and Social Promotion." has homeschooling news, info, and resources. has information for parents, teachers, and school administrators, from the National Association of State Directors of Special Education. has helpful info for parents and teachers about special education. is the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives to help students of all ages enjoy math. features info about books-on-tape available from the National Library Service of the Library of Congress. focuses on inclusion and the "early childhood community."


EMPLOYMENT OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES features state-of-the-art in self-employment for people with disabilities and more, including: "Creating Communities of Economic Cooperation." is also hosted by Cary Griffin and Dave Hammis (see above). provides self-employment technical assistance, resources, and training. is the site of the Minnesota Employment Training and Technical Assistance Center. is billed as "the largest stand-alone resume bank" for people with disabilities. includes info about American Sign Language, employment, and more. is an employment site and includes free resume posting and job listing site, with career guide, civil rights, legal and government news archive, plus scholarship links.


TRAVEL FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES is the Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality. provides info about exciting opportunities for international exchange and travel programs for people with disabilities.


ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY AND/OR DAILY LIVING AIDS is a free service that can be used to send a voice mail to a person's Email, especially helpful for people with hand/arm disabilities. offers software, hardware, and communication devices. focuses on augmentative and alternative communication. features info about the "read aloud" kRreader Mobile device. is a comprehensive site on assistive technology. focuses on "Independence Through Technology." features innovative accessibility products for businesses. is a watch to help children and adults with disabilities "stay on task." features a variety of software that might be helpful to people with disabilities. features augmentative communication devices, software, books, and learning aids. is the website of the Family Center on Technology and Disability. features long, flexible drinking straws and other goodies that promote "a little taste of independence." includes information on telecommunications equipment, conferences on the subject, a listing of programs across the country, and more. offers programs on math, spelling and language, and skills. features "communication bracelets" that can be helpful for children and adults with limited communication skills. showcases adapted clothing and accessories for children and adults with disabilities. features symbol-based products (communication cards), training, and services. offers augmentative communication devices, computer accessories, and more.


BOOKS, MEDIA, AND NEWS ITEMS features a new autobiography by Christy Preister, activist, person with a disability, and more. provides information about a beautiful book, My Child, My Gift: A Positive Response to Serious Prenatal Diagnosis, by Madeline Pecora Nugent. is and awesome film, billed as, "The story of a visionary director, a one-of-a-kind theater group, and a young man who could not speak, yet found the voice he had been looking for all his life." is a very troubling, but important, video to watch on the restraint and seclusion of children with disabilities in public schools. is an online and print magazine on disability issues. has info about Jessica Rodriguez's book, What Every Person Needs to Know About People with Disabilities: Overcoming Attitudinal Barriers Towards People with Disabilities. reveals a study entitled, "Social Skills Programs for Children with Autism are Largely Ineffective." has books about the prevention of school bullying. has info about a book for parents and teachers on children's behavior, entitled "How Big is the Fly: Asking the Right Questions." includes info about making libraries accessible to all.




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