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Human services agencies across the United States receive government funds to provide services for people with disabilities. Many of these agencies also aggressively pursue additional funds in the forms of grants; some are more successful than other. None of this is news. But this is (get ready): the Lakes Region Community Services Council (LRCSC) in Laconia, NH is giving grant money! Why? To create more inclusive communities!

The following is from the LRCSC January-February 2004 Family Update newsletter. Kim Labbe, Recreation Coordinator (and parent) writes, “The concept of mini-grants has been used throughout the United States for a variety of reasons, such as neighborhood revitalization in urban areas. Taking this idea and using it within an agency such as LRCSC is a unique twist on a successful concept.

“The mini-grant programs . . . are based/founded on the principle that communities are strengthened by all members sharing their gifts toward common dreams and goals . . ." Click here to continue. ​

We want to give individuals the opportunity to

participate together in inclusive settings and offer the opportunity

for all citizens

to recreate together.

Kim Labbe

Human Services Agency Gives Grant Money


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