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Revolutionary - Life-Changing - Eye-Opening - Thought-Provoking

These are some of the words people use to describe my presentations. I have fun during my

presentations—and you will, too! I share personal stories and lots of humor, question the

status quo and conventional wisdom, and help participants reclaim their common sense,

in the hope that all people with developmental disabilities can live the lives of their dreams,

included in all areas of society!

Catherine, from The Arc of Weld County, wrote the following about Kathie's presentation:

I was fortunate to hear you speak at our annual dinner and today I'm reading some of

the articles on your website. You and Benjamin are truly inspirational—offering perspectives

that challenge and that are downright mind-bending. Also, I've looked at some of the video clips, and if a picture is worth a million, a video is worth a billion—I'll make sure our staff knows these are available. Wow—keep up the great work!

A participant from a Nevada conference wrote: Kathie should speak to every organization, group, and government in the world. Her presentation is a work of philosophy, art, and activism!

You can see more reviews below! Since 1991, I've presented hundreds of keynotes and in-depth workshops at conferences from coast-to-coast, for parents of children with disabilities, adults with disabilities, service providers, educators, and other professionals. In addition, I've provided consultation for disability organizations, human service agencies, and educators; coordinated conferences; and developed training curricula.

I'm enthusiastic, positive, and passionate about ensuring children and adults with disabilities live real lives, fully included in their homes, schools, workplaces, and communities. The commonsense strategies I share can help us achieve this critically important goal. 

In addition to on-site, in-person presentations, I also provide teleconferences and private consultation for individuals, groups, schools, and other organizations.

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​You Can See Me Right Now:

Visit "Regular Lives for Families with Children with Disabilities" from the MN Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities for a series of 22 video clips featuring Kathie speaking on a variety of topics. Enjoy!

(Families and Community Together) offers a series of online learning modules that include Kathie, for families, educators, and others, including Spanish versions.

​Presentation Schedule
The schedule below represents "firm" events; others may be pending, but are not added until dates, times, and other details are confirmed. For more information about any of the presentations below, please click on the link detailed for the specific event and/or contact the person who is listed for the event. If the event is not open to the public, no contact information is provided.

NOTE: Partners in Policymaking trainings are generally not open to the public, but you can click on the link for the event and/or contact the person listed if you'd like to learn more about these extraordinary leadership development training programs for individuals with disabilities and family members who are selected to participate. Click here to learn more about Partners programs and/or to take one of the great (and free!) Partners online courses.


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many conferences from Spring 2020 and beyond have been cancelled or have been converted to online meetings/trainings. Like many others, I'm uncomfortable about flying, crowded meeting rooms, etc., until there's a vaccine or widespread effective treatment, and I also have concerns about health vulnerabilities within my close family members. So, until further notice, I'll be providing webinar/video conferencing instead of in-person presentations. Let's all stay safe!

September 2019

September 7 - St. Louis, Missouri - SSD Parent Leadership Institute

September 21 - Baytown Texas - Disability Leadership Network of Houston, Family to Family Network

October 2019

​October 29 - Athens, Georgia - 2019 GA APSE (Association for Persons in Supported Employment) Training Conference

November 2019

November 15 - Pierre, South Dakota - South Dakota Partners in Policymaking

January 2020

January 11 - Newport News, Virginia - Virginia Partners in Policymaking

February 2020 
​February 7-8 - Columbia, Missouri - Missouri Partners in Policymaking

November 2020
November 15  - South Dakota Partners in Policymaking

I admire Kathie’s courage in tackling some emotionally-charged issues. She must take a lot of heat for her views, but many of us know that what she says is true—specifically the notion that we need to free ourselves from the service system in favor of generic services and natural supports. She helps us think about a whole new way to become a true part of the community, and I think she's got the right idea. What’s being done now is not working! Relying on cash-strapped government agencies is a slippery slope to nowhere. Natural supports are lifelong, more appropriate, and less costly. My daughter is thirteen and I know she will be part of her community. Although she has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair, she has much to offer her neighbors, her city, her state, and her country. Jerry, Doctor and Parent from Alabama

Awesome presentation! South Dakota Parent 

As a person with a disability, you inspired me to go beyond my comfort zone and be assertive in my life. Trenell from Texas

Great insight from Kathie—“presume competence” and “age-appropriate.” Michigan Conference Participant

Kathie’s no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is approach shows how ridiculous Disability World is when compared to the Real World...how the system can really hurt the people we’re supposed to be helping. Indiana Conference Participant

Thank you for your presentation. As the mother of a son with autism, I've been through a range of emotions and you helped refuel my fire. I hope to refuel the fires of others, just as you did for me. You are an inspiration, a guiding light for those of us who have just begun to reach out of the dark. Suzanne from Kansas

Amazing, empowering presentation - probably one of the best I have attended! It validated my feelings and thoughts by turning everything that was said in the past upside down! Parent from South Dakota

Kathie’s presentation brought me back to focusing on the original philosophy of our organization. Because of funding regulations, we’re being pulled away from this and I want to fight for what is “right,” not just what Medicaid may say is needed for good outcomes. Agency Professional from Iowa

Great insight from Kathie—“presume competence” and “age-appropriate.” Michigan Conference Participant

Wonderful presenter from beginning to end! Great lessons, experience, and research. Wish we had her for a longer time! Parent from South Dakota