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Your articles open the eyes of the staff that I work with. Keep up the passion you have for this. Systems change happens a little at a time, but we will spread the word. Many people have responded to your insights, telling me they had never before viewed people with disabilities in the light you shine upon the issues.

Jim, person with a disability and professional in the field, Nebraska​​​ 

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#1 Need
There's one need—and it's the #1 Need—that's common to the vast majority of children and adults with disabilities.

​Annie in Disabilityland
What might it feel like to be a child on the receiving end of the special ed process? Annie's story can help us understand.

​Benevolent Services, Dangerous Messages
A variety of benevolent services are provided for people with disabilities. But these same services can also carry dangerous messages for children and adults and their families.

​Call to Action
A young man with a disabilities issues the "call" to children and adults with disabilities: "Get out there and take your rightful place in society!”

Consequences of Segregation
Segregating children and/or adults with disabilities in "special" places doesn't only have negative consequences on those who are segregated, it also exerts a negative influence on society-at-large.

Dental Patient by Roy Gerstenberger
In this eye-opening article, a human services agency director ponders the relationship between people with disabilities and the service system, and asks some important questions for us to consider.

​Everyone Needs to Be Needed
We all like to be needed by others. But people with disabilities are often seen only as "needy," and they're not given opportunities to help others. This can all change when we realize that everyone can contribute!

Exposure and Experience

​Children with disabilities need the same exposure to and experience with ordinary (not special!) learning experiences if we expect them to be successful.

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Eye Contact
What's the big fuss about "making eye contact"? Is this really that important in the big scheme of things, and why do we practically "torture" some children in our efforts to force them to make eye contact?

Girls Don't Play Drums
How many of our decisions—like the one made by an elementary band teacher—are based on facts or truth? How many are personal (and perhaps antiquated) perceptions and what impact do they have?

Great Ideas
Aren't we always hunting for new great ideas? Maybe they're right in front of our eyes if we look in the right places.

​I Don't Know
Three little words—"I don't know"—could have a profound and positive effect on the lives of children and adults with disabilities and their families. They could prevent the death of dreams, equalize relationships, open up worlds of possibilities, and much more!

Mixed Messages
We seem to recognize the power of peer group influence in most instances, but we sometimes fail to recognize this power in the lives of people with disabilities. The results of this failure are mixed messages and less-than-desirable outcomes, so it's time to make some positive changes!

​Parents: Privacy…Please!

Private, personal information about the lives of children with disabilities overflows on the internet. Have our children given us permission to share this info? 

What If Everything We Thought We Knew Was Wrong? 

This happened to me! Over the past 26 years, I've learned powerful, life-changing lessons from the true experts: people with disabilities (including my own son, Benjamin). They've helped me learn that much of what society believes is erroneous. In the articles on our site, in my books and presentations, and in the products at our Online Store, I  share what I've learned from the true experts and hope their lessons are valuable to you!


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People's real-life experiences often provide the most valuable of lessons. 

Regular Lives for Families with Children with Disabilities features yours truly, Kathie Snow, speaking about a variety of topics in 22 video clips, provided by the MN Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities.​​