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Annie in Disabilityland

First, Miss Lisa took Annie to the empty gym and had Annie do some goofy exercises...

Once upon a time, a girl named Annie had an extraordinary experience: she passed from one world into another, without any conscious effort, just as Alice arrived in Wonderland after falling down the rabbit’s hole.

At first, Annie didn’t know she was in another world. She didn’t look any different and didn’t act any different. Her first clue came when she heard people speaking. “My goodness,” she shuddered, “I must be in a different place! I can’t understand what anyone is saying anymore!”She overheard her parents talking about something called an “eye-ee-pee”... Click here to continue.

I received this note from Stephanie, the "Independence Chick:"

"One of the most inspiring articles on your site is 'Annie in Disabilityland.' When I read it for the first time, I nearly cried. I felt horrible for Annie and for real people like her. They deserve better.

"Then I thought, 'What if it was the other way around? What would the world be like if disability were treated as natural, as part of diversity, like black skin or Jewish heritage or being from the American South? What if modifications were naturally built in?' So I created 'Regina in Everybrooke' to show what the world might be like if we worked to treat disability as something other than a sickness or aberration." Click here to read Stephanie's awesome article.


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