Human Services Agency GIVES Grant Money
Agencies always receive funds; this one gave funds to promote an inclusive community.

Inclusion: The Moral Imperative
Segregation vs. inclusion goes beyond any laws; it's a moral and ethnical issue.

Inclusion: The Natural State
Every person is born included; it's the natural state of being. Segregation is unnatural (and unnecessary).

Inclusive Recreation: Passport to a Real Life!
In-depth interview with Mark Ohrenberg, a leader with a disability who shares personal and professional wisdom about the value of inclusive recreation for all. 

Living Natural Lives
Natural supports and generic services (instead of the system) can ensure inclusion, interdependence, and more!

Magic (and Lessons) of Movies
Movies are more than entertainment; they inspire
valuable wisdom we can apply in the disability arena.

Mining our Natural Resources
Your community is full of great resources that can benefit people with disabilities; here's how to find them.

Natural Supports and Generic Services: More Important Than Ever
The system is always broke; our communities are not, so let's look there for positive outcomes.

No, Not "Special," They're Ordinary Needs
The "needs" of people with disabilities aren't really that different from the needs of those without disabilities.

Personal Responsibility vs. The Nanny State
Do we really want or need the government to be responsible for our lives?

Power of the Environment
A person's environment can maximize or minimize the impact of the diagnosis/disability. Environment matters!

Reinventing DD Agencies
What a DD agency might look like if it really wanted to be "customer-friendly."

Religion and Disability: Are All Welcome?
Let's go beyond "special" programs in our houses of worship.

"Right" to a Normal Life
People with disabilities have many "rights," but what about the right to living a normal life?

Segregation: Consequences

Segregating children and adults with disabilities in "special," separate environments generates  consequences within society-at-large.

Segregation: Lessons
What do children and adults learn from the experiences of being segregated?

Self-Advocacy: It's Never Too Early
Meet children with disabilities who are advocating for themselves.

Spiderman, Star Wars, and Disability
Lessons to help us know when "differences" are valued, instead of devalued.

Spotlight on Diversity
Why do so many exercises in diversity not include people with disabilities? 

Why Do We Have Parallel Worlds?
Children and adults without disabilities live one way; those with disabilities are in a parallel world. Why?

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Disability Is Natural Books and Media

#1 Need

What's the #1 need shared by almost all children and adults with disabilities? It's a one word answer.

Amazing Grace

In her church, Grace is welcomed; this is a precious and valuable lesson for all religious entities.

Ask . . . and You Shall Receive

When my son learned to ask for help from anyone, it was a life-changing moment. The same can be true for others.

Assistive Technology (AT) Can . . .

Yes, AT can pave a pathway for success for children and adults with disabilities.

Assistive Technology (AT): Remember the Bicycle

Your parents bought you a bicycle before you knew how to ride it, let's do the same for people with disabilities when it comes to AT devices. 

Behavior: What's "a Behavior"?

Let's remember that behavior is communication.

Behavior: Joe Schiappaccasse Interview

It's powerful and enlightening; learn about "enviable behavior supports."

Call to Action

People with disabilities can create positive change by taking their rightful places in their communities.

Community Leadership for Inclusion

We can't wait for "the system" to create change; let's assume leadership roles and make it happen.

Employment: Going for the Gold

YES, people with disabilities can be successful in the workforce. 

Employment: On Becoming a Business Owner

An in-depth interview with guru Cary Griffin on self-employment for people with disabilities.

Employment: Who's Talking the Talk but Not Walking the Walk?

Disability organizations tell others to hire people with disabilities. But do they hire people with disabilities?

Employment: Whose Job Is It?

Why aren't people with disabilities expected to know how to find their own jobs? 

Everyone Needs to be Needed

Being only on the receiving end of help is harmful, and being seen only as "needy" is awful. Let's change this.

Exposure and Experience

Children with disabilities need the same exposure to and experience with ordinary (not special!) learning experiences if we expect them to be successful. 

From Inconvenient to Ordinary

"New" things often seem inconvenient; but with familiarity, they become ordinary. How can we apply the lesson to people with disabilities?

Gift of Fellowship

Powerful lessons from "The Lord of the Rings."

Home, Sweet Home (and Other Welcoming Environments): Find Products at "Regular" Stores

Helpful things for people with disabilities can be found in our neighborhoods, not just "speciality" stores.

Home, Sweet Home (and Other Welcoming Environments): Behavior Supports

Commonsense methods to ensure people have the behavior supports they need.

Home, Sweet Home (and Other Welcoming Environments): In the Bedroom

A person's bedroom is her "castle" —or it should be! 

Home, Sweet Home (and Other Welcoming Environments): In the Kitchen

Everyone needs great access and helpful tools in the kitchen.

Home, Sweet Home (and Other Welcoming Environments): Physical Access

Easy tips for improvements in our homes and other places. 

Home, Sweet Home (and Other Welcoming Environments): Self-Sufficiency

Let's make some changes to ensure people with disabilities can be more self-sufficient.

Home, Sweet Home (and Other Welcoming Environments):Vision Supports

Tips and ideas that can help people with vision issues.


Assistive Technology, Behavior, Environment,

Inclusion, Employment, Supports, and More

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