All this week, when I walked in the door, Miss Ellen treated me like a baby. When I try and tell her to stop, she won’t. I tried again and again and again. Mrs. Teague, can you talk to me about this...


Self-Advocacy: It's Never Too Early

Mrs. Carroll was pleased by the work of her middle-schoolers. She was especially thrilled by Evan’s social studies project, so she shared it with the rest of the class. “I’m so pleased and surprised that a handicapped child could do this well,” she gushed. Surrounded by his friends in this inclusive classroom, Evan was aghast! He told his mom about this incident, and she was ready to “raise a little momma hell.” But cool heads prevailed, and she decided to let Evan handle it. He wrote the following letter to his teacher:

Dear Mrs. Carroll,I really enjoy your class. I like doing the social studies projects, although I do have one small concern. Bringing this to your attention is not easy for me, but I think you should know how I feel. While I appreciated the compliment about my work, I was embarrassed and felt singled out when you referred to my disability in front of the class. I will work hard in your class... Click here to continue.


New Ways of Thinking and Revolutionary Common Sense

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