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Disability is Natural and

Other Revolutionary Common Sense
Yes, like gender, ethnicity, and other traits, disability is one of many natural characteristics of being human! What can happen when we deconstruct disability, use People First Language, and focus on people's strengths and abilities? Our attitudes drive our actions, and awesome change is possible when we think and talk differently! (Note: this is my "signature" and most popular presentation and it's for all audiences; the topics that follow are based on the foundational concepts in this one.)

Living Real Lives and Dreaming Big Dreams
The conventional wisdom of "Disability World" can generate helplessness, dependence, segregation, and more. But when children and adults with disabilities have important tools for success—including assistive technology and more natural forms of assistance—they can enjoy self-directed lives, be included in their communities, and live the lives of their dreams. Everyone can live a real life included in the real world! (This presentation is for all audiences.)

Creating Community With Natural Supports and Generic Services
Isn't it time for people with disabilities to move from clienthood, isolation, and dependence on the system to citizenship, inclusion, and interdependence in the community? It can happen when we use the abundant supply of natural supports and generic services in our communities to meet people's needs while simultaneously ensuring their inclusion! (This presentation is for all audiences.)

Create Synergy with Style, Substance, and Words
What if our interactions with others could result in greater success for all? We can eliminate frustration, fear, misunderstanding, anger, and other barriers, when we embrace improved communication, move beyond two-dimensional thinking, and utilize negotiation skills. Imagine the possibilities when you create synergy (and more allies in the process). Try it, you'll like it! (This presentation is for all audiences.)

Inclusive Education
A variety of different presentations are offered: early intervention, early childhood, inclusive classrooms and IDEA, improved parent/educator partnerships, effective IEPs using activity-based goals, the role of para-educators, informal assessments, and more. (Note: not all of these topics can be covered during one presentation, so let's discuss the appropriate topics for the parents and/or educators at your event. These presentations are for parents, family members, and/or educators.)

Cooperative Advocacy
Too often, traditional advocacy leads to anger, arguments, and worse. We don't need more adversaries—we need more allies! New strategies for relationship-building, proactive partnerships, improved communication, and negotiation can ensure win-win outcomes for all. (This presentation is for people with disabilities, families, activists, etc.)

Inclusive Communities—Organize for Change
Every person is born included! Commonsense community-organizing strategies can lead to positive change to ensure our communities welcome and include all. (This presentation is for families, people with disabilities, activists, etc.)

Creative Collaboration
Waiting lists, budget cuts, too many people to serve! Even under the best of circumstances, the service system and disability organizations cannot meet the needs of all. But when disability and non-disability organizations collaborate, extraordinary outcomes are possible! (This presentation is for agencies and organizations.)

Other Topics and Custom Presentations:
Assistive technology, inclusive communities (what businesses/organizations can do), inclusive post-secondary education, history of disabilities, advocacy/activism, working with the media, and more; and/or I can create a custom presentation!

Kathie, you are a wealth of knowledge and really made me think about things in a different way Thanks for pushing me outside of my comfort zone. I've been "letting go" to allow Adeline to be more independent and it literally paid off immediately. Learning from you has made life better for Adeline and our whole family. You've helped me in more ways than you'll ever know. Lisa from Missouri

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New Ways of Thinking and Revolutionary Common Sense