Assistive Technology Can . . .

Disability Is Natural Books and Media


When individuals with disabilities are able to speak for themselves, move independently when and where they choose, and have the power to make other decisions for themselves, they’ll begin living natural lives.

Kathie Snow

AT can enable very young children to master their environments, have power, and maintain typical development. Two-year-olds without disabilities are mastering their environments, learning from everything they do, see, hear, and touch. When very young children with disabilities are provided with communication devices, wheelchairs they can use independently, and other assistive technology devices, they won’t miss out on crucially important learning experiences . . .

AT can promote inclusion in the regular education environment. Many children with disabilities are excluded from regular education classrooms because they aren’t “performing at grade level” or because they have “extensive needs.” When children are provided with AT devices, however, they can be very successful in regular education classrooms . . . Click here to continue.

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