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Great energy is devoted to determine what a person with a disability needs. Assessments are done, tests are given, observations are made, and more. Then more energy (along with many dollars) is spent trying to meet these needs.

For children with disabilities, professionals and/or family members may focus on the perceived need for therapies or services which attempt to get a child to walk, talk, behave appropriately, make eye contact, master the pincer grasp, read at grade level, and much more. For adults with disabilities, the focus may continue to be on some of these same things (especially behavior!), as well as habilitation, job skills, transportation, and more.

Based on more than 20 years of experience, it seems the #1 need of the vast majority of children and adults with disabilities—regardless of the type of disability, the age of the person, or anything else—is seldom identified by professionals or family members. What is this #1 need? Friends.

A friend doesn’t care if you have the “functional skills” that are valued by so many. Click here to continue.

The #1 Need


New Ways of Thinking and Revolutionary Common Sense

Which is more important?

Achieving this skill

or that, or having a friend who wants to be with you, just the way you are?

Kathie Snow