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Tony never had a single art lesson in his life. His ability to create beautiful images on canvas was a natural, inborn talent. As a person with a disability, Tony had been waiting for years for a variety of vocational-rehabilitation (VR) counselors to help him get a real job. But the VR counselors did not see a career in art as a realistic, viable choice, so they performed a variety of assessments to see what type of job would be “most appropriate” for Tony.

A couple of job placements were made over the years, but they didn’t work out over the long term. Tony remained unemployed and poor, existing on SSI and waiting, waiting, waiting for the VR counselors to find him another job. In the meantime, he spent his days and nights following his passion—creating beautiful watercolors and other artwork. Living below the poverty level, he had to watch his pennies closely. He often didn’t have the funds to buy the art supplies he needed, so he had to be creative in that area, too. He looked for products that were on sale, sometimes borrowed money from others, and found other ways to stretch the few dollars he had.

After years of waiting, the 46-year-old had enough. With encouragement from friends, Tony bravely took a new and different path to employment. He “fired” his VR counselor and struck out on his own. Click here to continue.

Going for the Gold: Self-Employment

Many adults with disabilities are going for the gold and fulfilling their dreams through self-employment.

It can happen if we believe it can happen.

Kathie Snow


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