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Reinventing DD Agencies

When a DD agency works toward eliminating the dependence of people with disabilities on itself, grand results are in the making. If staff members become "bridge-builders," people with disabilities are able to become interdependent in the community, through real jobs, social opportunities, friendships, and more.

Kathie Snow

Agency Underfunded!
Staff Overworked and Underpaid!
Waiting List Grows and Grows!

(But There’s a Solution…)​

Any or all of the exclamations above may be the mantras of many developmental disability agencies. DD agencies—regional centers, community service boards, or whatever name they go by in your neck of the woods—are struggling. Budget cuts, too many people to serve, not enough staff, rules and regs out the wazoo, and a myriad of other problems have some DD agency employees wondering if they’re aboard the Titanic.

Yet other developmental disability agencies are flourishing. They face similar issues, so why aren’t they suffering? Because they’re reinventing themselves!

Reinvention can come in many forms. In general, however, it requires an agency to think outside the box—about itself and the people it serves—and to look for assistance outside the traditional government funding streams. Such assistance, however, is not in the form of dollars! It represents, instead, collaboration with typical (e.g., non-disability) organizations and entities in the community. Click here to continue.