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No, Not Special; They're Ordinary Needs

It’s time for swift and positive change to ensure children and adults with disabilities have the same opportunities and experiences most of us take for granted. And this will happen when their ordinary needs for assistive technology, supports, and accommodations are met.

Kathie Snow

To create this article, I needed a computer with the software that meets my needs. To learn to write and read, my son, Benjamin—since the age of four—has also needed a computer with the right software.

To get to work every day, Richard needs a good set of wheels on his car. Holly also needs a good set of wheels to get from class to class on campus.

Miranda needs a clip-on wireless microphone before she can successfully deliver her keynote presentations.  Jose needs a communication device before he can successfully express himself at home, at school, and in other environments.

Daniel, a doctor, needs voice recognition (VR) computer software to effectively dictate his daily notes. Samantha, an eight-year-old, needs VR software so she can write stories and book reports in third grade. 

Kate spends 50+ hours at her desk, but couldn’t do so without her ergonomic chair and curved desk that holds her multiple terminals. Amelia also needs a desk that meets her work needs—a height-adjustable, curved desk with desktop cubbys so everything is within arm’s reach.

Acme Widget Company has risen to the top of its field because the individual differences—including some behavioral eccentricities—of all employees are supported and valued.  Mrs. Dahl’s classroom is viewed as a model of success and all students are learning, because she’s created a caring environment where all students—including those with significant differences and needs—are valued and supported.​ Click here to continue.