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I’m a 23-year-old college student with big dreams for my life! I also have cerebral palsy, and I use a power wheelchair and other assistive technology devices. I want to get through college and make a difference in the world, I like to stay up late and sleep in, and—well, I’m just a regular person. But you wouldn’t know that by how some people behave.

During a recent visit with one of my grandmothers, we ate several meals in her retirement community, and were joined by my grandma’s friends. At lunch in the “deli,” an older gentleman and I had enjoyed a great discussion about today’s politics. As we hurried off to another activity, the man asked, “By the way, how long have you been incapacitated?” I really wanted to stay and have a lengthy conversation about his choice of words—I am not “incapacitated”—but there was no time, so I simply replied that I was born with cerebral palsy.

At another meal with my grandma and her friends, the dining room hostess passed out menus to everyone except me. I was busy talking and didn’t notice this until I heard my mom say, “He needs a menu, too.” Did the hostess presume I couldn’t read, or did she think someone else was in charge of what I eat?​ Click here to continue.

This is a


to children and adults with disabilities:

get out there and

take your rightful

place in society!

Benjamin Snow

A Call to Action (by Benjamin Snow)