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Disability Is Natural Books and Media

In the United States and many other democracies, every person is born included! This is not a time or place of European serfs, American slaves, or a caste system where your position in the social hierarchy—including whether you’re included or segregated—is preordained. In our society, inclusion is not a right that must be earned; it is the natural state.

That’s the ideal we operate from. But it’s not the reality for many children and adults with disabilities who are subjected to an archaic paradigm: at the moment a disability condition is diagnosed, they’re consigned to segregation and second-class citizenship! Like serfs, slaves, or “untouchables” in other times or cultures, they’re placed at the bottom of the social hierarchy, controlled by others, and segregated in “special” places with their “own kind.” Opportunities for an ordinary life, education, and employment are limited (a substandard education automatically limits employment).​ Click here to continue.

Inclusion is the natural state; anything else is an artificial environment. What could happen if our highest guiding principle was to ensure the natural state of inclusion continues throughout

a person’s life?

Kathie Snow

Inclusion: The Natural State