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Disability Is Natural Books and Media

Love means that the adult be genuinely concerned with the evolution of the true nature of the child. Children are not able to respond to a love which tries to fashion them according to the concept of an adult, no matter how good the latter’s intention may be.

Dr. Gotthard Booth

Altered Parenting

During a presentation, I shared the experiences common to many parents (myself included) after a child is diagnosed with a disability: a prognosis is delivered, therapies and interventions are prescribed, and the lives of the child and the family are radically transformed. But, I emphasized, the day after the diagnosis, the child is no different than he/she was the day before; the child didn’t change. Who changed? The parents. We change our dreams, the way we see our child, and the way we treat our child, primarily because of the negative information provided to us by physicians and/or other professionals.

A woman in the audience—who happened to be a pediatric nurse—piped up with, “Yep, that’s Altered Parenting!”​ Click here to continue.

A child can never be better than what his parents think of him.

Marcelene Cox