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That’s a big question, and a very important question. Your decisions can have a life-long influence on your child’s life.

First, picture your hopes for your child’s future. Start at his death and work backwards. I’ll share the picture for my son.

On David’s deathbed, I hope he’ll think thoughts like these: I had a wonderful life. I’m proud of what I accomplished. I have helped others. I felt loved by my family and friends. I was fulfilled.

During David’s adult years, I hope he’ll think thoughts like these: I make a difference in this world. I have a meaningful job that is important to me.​ Click here to continue.

How Do I Decide What Approach to Take

with My Child Who Has Autism?

by Dee Blose, shared with Kathie Snow

He needs to learn, in his own time and space, how to succeed in the real world... We need to respect his communication in this so he will not fail. That is the best method for achieving “socially appropriate behavior.”

Dee Blose