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Ability to Choose + Helpful Tools = Success

On one of our family’s many excursions to the movie theater, I witnessed an event that’s all too common. And it illustrated the dire experiences of many individuals with disabilities who are unsuccessful simply because they don’t have the ability to choose and the tools they need for success.

We went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean" and enjoyed ourselves immensely. For many years, our son, Benjamin, wanted to be taken out of his wheelchair so he could sit in a theater seat. At 16, however, he decided he wanted to stay in his wheelchair, so we took our places in the front of the theater where wheelchair access is provided.

Minutes before the feature started in the already-darkened theater, a woman pushing a stroller entered, accompanied by several other people. She was Ms. Bossy-—barking instructions—as she led the group to the other side of the wheelchair accessible seating and parked the stroller. However, the person in the stroller wasn’t a child. He appeared to be a 20-something young man with cerebral palsy (the same condition as my son). In addition to the Man in the Stroller—it’s hard for me to even write those words . . . Click here to continue.

Liberty consists

in the ability

to choose.

Simone Weil


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