Disability Is Natural Books and Media

IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) Section 300.552 Placements (e) states: “A child with a disability is not removed from education in age-appropriate regular classes solely because of needed modifications in the general curriculum.” So, under the law, a student should not be denied placement in a regular ed classroom just because she needs curriculum modifications. This is one in a series of articles about curriculum modifications.

Curriculum Modifications 103

​Making History, Civics, and Social Studies Come Alive!

Curriculum modifications for History, Civics, and Social Studies (and other subjects) can be simple and fun to create! These topics can be learned using real-life activities—they don’t have to be meaningless, abstract, or boring. We can find ways to make them relevant to any student!

Fourteen-year-old Dylan is enjoying the ninth grade, but Civics includes some difficult concepts. Instead of writing an essay like his classmates, Dylan (who has Down syndrome) will do a project that’s meaningful and relevant, with a little help from others. (His mom came up with this idea!)

Dylan’s project will focus on voting. His 19-year-old sister is away at college and will be voting for the first time! Dylan will send E-mails to his sister and several of her friends, asking what voting means to them, how they decided who to vote for, and more. Then he’ll compose his report.

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