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IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) Section 300.552 Placements (e) states: “A child with a disability is not removed from education in age-appropriate regular classes solely because of needed modifications in the general curriculum.” So, under the law, a student should not be denied placement in a regular ed classroom just because she needs curriculum modifications. This is one in a series of articles about curriculum modifications.

Writing Curriculum Modifications in the I.E.P.

Curriculum modifications (CMs) describe what the school will do to support the goals and objectives in a student’s IEP (Individualized Education Plan/Program). Generally, CMs fall within the “related services” category on an IEP form. Many parents (as well as many educators) are not familiar with CMs because so many students are still in segregated special ed rooms. Under these circumstances, CMs aren’t utilized since the student does not have access to the regular ed curriculum, and functional (instead of academic) goals are written.

One of the barriers to inclusion is the belief that if a child is not doing “grade-level” work, he cannot be in a regular ed classroom. But IDEA, as noted above, is very clear that the need for CMs should not be the basis for excluding a child from the regular ed environment.​ Click here to continue.


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