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Disability Is Natural Books and Media

Many parents have chosen to learn what the law actually says—and not depend on educators’ recitation of school policy—because it’s in their child’s best interests to do so. Isn’t the same true for educators? Is there any excuse for not knowing the law?

Kathie Snow

If you’re a special ed director, principal, general or special ed teacher, school psychologist, therapist of any kind, or serve in any other professional capacity on an IEP (Individualized Education Program) Team, this is for you.

As a public speaker and trainer, I’ve presented to many teachers, therapists, and others who are on IEP Teams. And I routinely ask, “How many of you have read what the law (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act-IDEA) says?” In one group of 60, only three or four people raised their hands. In other audiences, no one replied in the affirmative! How can this be?​ Click here to continue.

Dear Teachers and I.E.P. Members