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In real estate, the mantra regarding the most desirable home is, “Location, location, location!” To ensure the most desirable outcomes for individuals with disability labels, we might consider adopting a similar mantra: “Environment, environment, environment!”

Many of us are familiar with the conventional wisdom about the impact of the environment. For example, children raised by parents who have addictions are thought to be more likely to develop their own addictions. Children who are raised in stable, loving homes are thought to have a better chance of becoming stable, loving adults. As an employee, you might develop certain behaviors or characteristics that reflect the culture of your workplace. Inmates often leave prison with an increase (instead of a decrease) of “criminal behavior,” as a result of the influence of the people and situations that exist in that environment. We are all products of our environment—good or bad. (And environment isn’t just the physical setting, but also the people and characteristics of that setting.)​ Click here to continue.

Environment, Environment, Environment

"Separate" environments are unnatural, aberrant settings. People in these environments usually learn unnatural, aberrant lessons and acquire unnatural, aberrant behaviors and characteristics.

Kathie Snow