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Disability Is Natural Books and Media

But for too many children with disabilities, test results are far from helpful.  They actually cause harm when they result in children being segregated in

special ed rooms.

Kathie Snow

Wonder why it’s so hard to make inclusive education work? There are many reasons for this dilemma, but the one we’ll focus on now is the assessment process (those pesky tests given [1] when a child is first referred for special ed services, [2] every three years while a child is receiving services, and/or [3] when parents or educators feel they’re necessary).

In general, what’s the outcome when students with disabilities are evaluated with formal, standardized, traditional tests? Duh! Seldom do they “pass” or “measure up!” The result? They’re denied placement in an age-appropriate, general ed classroom!

Millions of students with disabilities are subjected to the tyranny of formal, standardized tests which purport to measure intelligence, social/emotional development, and more. These tests are supposed to be used to learn something new about a child​ . . .  Click here to continue.

After Formal Assessments: Do Not Pass Go!