Disability Is Natural Books and Media

Awhile back, I met a kindred spirit at a conference—it seemed that Donna and I could have been sisters! She and I were about the same age, we both had exhibit booths at this conference (mine for my book and other goodies; her booth showcased her beautiful artwork), and we both cared about disability issues. She really liked to talk—so do I. She talked fast—so do I. She had lots to say—so do I. And she was very passionate—so am I. We made an immediate connection, and during the next two days, we took turns visiting each other’s booths to chat. She was a witty, charming, and smart woman.

At one point, Donna said she was surprised we could be friends, since she has autism and I don’t. I was just as surprised by her comment, and assured her that I didn’t believe one of us having a disability should be a barrier to our friendship! Anger was mixed with sadness as she shared her belief that her diagnosis had prevented her from becoming friends with, in her words, “NTs” (“neuro-typical” people).

The next time Donna came to my booth for a visit, she was wearing a big smile and holding a sign she had just made that said: “Free the Giraffes!” I asked what the message meant . . . Click here to continue.

"Free the Giraffes!"  -  A Thoughtful Analogy

I don’t think the animals are critical or judgmental of each other because of their differences. And don’t humans admire and respect the differences in these animals? Aren’t we sometimes in awe of how different and wonderful they are?



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