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"Ann will hop forward on either foot for 10 feet without putting her foot down 2 out of 3 times." Really?

These are Goals? Really?

In Disability World, writing goals is a common occurrence: IEP teams write goals for students with disabilities in public school and IHP/ISP teams do the same for adults who “receive services.” But how good are the goals we write? Are they relevant and meaningful to the person who is supposed to achieve them? Are they easily understandable by all (especially to the person they’re written for)? In fact, does that person have any input into his or her own goals?

Patrice Hallock, Ph.D., is assistant professor of education at Utica College in New York. She and I have communicated in the past about goal-writing, and she recently shared some real-life IEP goals that her students analyzed and critiqued in their case studies. Following are some of these goals—verbatim— Click here to continue.​