Disability Is Natural Books and Media

Why spend years trying

to teach an adult

"bed-making" skills

(and other "daily living skills") instead of focusing on skills that would enable the person to get a real job? (How critical are these skills in the lives of people without disabilities?)

Kathie Snow

Keep It Simple

Focus on Solutions, Not Problems

My beloved sister, Sandi, forwarded an Email that was making the rounds entitled, “Focus on Problems or Solutions?” It included several examples of highly complicated, expensive solutions, as compared to simpler quick-fixes. My favorite example involved NASA trying to solve the problem of astronauts writing in space. Regular pens wouldn’t work at zero gravity, so after a decade of work and a $12 million dollar investment, they developed a pen that worked in outer space, upside-down, underwater, on practically any surface, and within a wide temperature range.

The Russians, however, simply gave their cosmonauts a pencil. Badda-bing, badda-boom. I don’t know if this story is 100 percent accurate or if it’s an urban legend. Regardless, it makes a good point about keeping things simple. Can we apply this lesson to issues in the Disability Arena?

Speaking of pencils, why spend enormous amounts of time and resources trying to teach a child to write with a pencil, instead of simply providing him access to a computer?​ Click here to continue.


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