Disability Is Natural Books and Media

Many of us have reinvented ourselves in employment: some by choice and some out of necessity, as we learn new skills and embark on a new career. Some people take something powerful in their lives—from a hobby to a life-threatening situation and everything in between—and turn it into a wage-earning career.

Now let’s think about children and adults with disabilities and the words of Scott Adams: “You are what you learn.” What does one learn from interventions, therapies, special/segregated programs, and the usual “treatment” doled out to people with disabilities? Conversely, what does one learn from ordinary, inclusive, age-appropriate activities, classrooms, workplaces, community activities, etc.? Click here to continue.

One does

what one is;

one becomes what one does.

Robert vonMusil

You Are What You Learn


New Ways of Thinking and Revolutionary Common Sense