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The more help

a person has

in his garden, the less it belongs to him.

William H. Davies

When Less is More

“My son needs a one-on-one aide in school,” Lori said. “Without an aide, Rob couldn’t do anything—he’d sit there and do nothing.”

“How do you know,” she was asked. Lori responded with information about Rob’s disability, the “facts” of what he can/can’t do, details of school policy (kids with certain conditions can be included in regular classes only if they have a one-on-one), and more. Her reply did not answer the how-do-you-know question. Lori could have answered the question accurately only if Rob had been permitted to be in the classroom without a one-on-one, and if we had observed what he was capable of doing on his own, with curriculum modifications, assistive technology, and/or the natural support of his classmates and teacher. Maybe Rob can’t do much for himself because he’s never been allowed to! Duh!

Rob is learning, however. He’s becoming proficient in learned helplessness.​  Click here to continue.