Disability Is Natural Books and Media

Every day, the policies of a given school district, human services agency, or other organization have a direct and personal impact on the lives of children and adults with disabilities and their families. In turn, these children and adults may be unhappy, frustrated, and/or confused about the services they are/are not receiving and how they’re being treated.

Some of these dilemmas may be prevented if we look before we leap! Before accepting services or becoming involved with any type of organization, first ask, “What are your policies?” This will enable us to know what to expect and be aware if the policy is not being followed . . . 

Positive changes can occur when others know that you’re “in the know.” Click here to continue.

It’s important to remember that we need to develop more allies instead of more adversaries.

Kathie Snow

Buyer Beware: Look Before You Leap!


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