No Responsibility? No Real Life.

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Disability Is Natural Books and Media

Should you fail to pilot your own ship, don’t be surprised at what inappropriate port you find

yourself docked.

Tom Robbins

Personal responsibility. When we have it, we’re in control of our lives and we live with the consequences of our actions. We experience success and failure, and learn in the process. Our lives are our own. When we don’t have personal responsibility, we’re dependent on others, which can lead to anger and frustration—on the one hand—or learned helplessness and apathy, on the other. The successes or failures we experience are the result of someone else’s actions; we learn little, and our lives are not our own.

In the Real World, taking personal responsibility is part and parcel of maturing from a child into an adult. But this natural occurrence gets turned on its head in Disability World, to the detriment of people with disabilities, to their families, and to our society, as well.

During a break at a conference of adult service providers, “Sonia” (a Home Health Manager) described her responsibilities . . . Click here to continue.