One thing—just one thing done with tender, loving care—can be the seed that sprouts a garden of life-changing possibilities!

Kathie Snow

One Thing

It can all feel overwhelming. If you’re a parent, teacher, service provider, or play another role in the life of a child or adult with a disability—and especially if you’re a person with a disability—it seems there’s too much on our plates!

Inclusion, education, assistive technology, behavior, employment, supports, modifications, mobility, communication, and living accommodations are some of the issues we probably face every day. With so much to deal with, we may try to simply maintain the status quo—doing more is just too much. We may try to do it all, and experience little or no success. Finally, some of our best, most well-intentioned efforts may not have much impact on a person’s life.

Sometimes, however, doing one thing can change the course of a person’s destiny—and one thing can lead to another. Let’s consider a few examples...Click here to continue.

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