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Go Beyond Goals: Think Outcomes

The importance of writing meaningful and relevant goals was discussed in another article (“Goals: Meaningful and Relevant or Garbage?”) But we can push the envelope further when we think about the outcomes of goals, therapies, and other services for individuals with disabilities.

This assistance is, in general, provided with the best of intentions. But unintended consequences follow, many of which can have profound and negative effects, as demonstrated by one experience of my family (and thousands of others, as well).

When the doctor wrote a prescription for occupational and physical therapy for my infant son many years ago, this treatment seemed logical and appropriate for the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. But the unintended consequences were numerous and detrimental, not only to my baby son, but also to my daughter and our family, as a whole.​ Click here to continue.

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Consequences or outcomes follow every action...

Shouldn’t we consider the outcomes of our actions that profoundly impact

the lives of individuals

with disabilities?

Kathie Snow