Disability Is Natural Books and Media

I’m a voracious reader: non-fiction books for learning and fiction for fun. Over the years, I’ve learned many valuable lessons from fiction (including mysteries, my favorite). I devour them before going to sleep, on airplanes, in airports, and at other “break” times, via Ebooks from my local library.

I’ve recently been enjoying several titles from the “Inspector Gamache” series by the talented Canadian author Louise Penny. Her books are set in the lovely areas of Montreal, Quebec and surrounding towns and villages, and they feature fascinating characters and unusual murders!

Chief Inspector Gamache, head of Quebec homicide, learned from his mentor; in turn, he shares this wisdom with the officers under him. Now I’m sharing it with you. Here is Inspector Gamache’s lesson:

There are four sentences that lead to wisdom . . .

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The "four sentences that lead to wisdom" that are featured in this article are in color and large type so you can display them on your fridge or file cabinet!

A Path to Wisdom


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