New Ways of Thinking and Revolutionary Common Sense

My son was born almost two months prematurely. Jaundice. Hydrocephalus (“water on the brain”). Grade III brain bleed (Grade IV was “the worst”). “Dr. Doom,” the neonatalogist, was a harbinger of hopelessness and fear: “Take him home; do the best you can.”

​During the early years, we were surrounded by “helping professionals” who had great expertise in their fields, but who generated hopelessness and fear, coupled with dire warnings that we were “in denial” and needed to “be realistic.” In addition, they routinely tested my son and told me everything he was not doing. Did I really need anyone to tell me this stuff? I lived with my son 24/7/365—I knew what he wasn’t doing! With friends like these, who needs enemies? The experiences of many other families are similar to ours...

​The “experts” in the disability arena are highly-trained professionals who are supposed to help people with disabilities and/or families. Many who work “in the system” are paid with taxpayer dollars. They occupy an elevated stature as the “go-to” professionals. And in our family’s life, a few were somewhat helpful. But the cumulative impact of their negative prognoses, hopelessness, fear, and other detrimental attitudes and actions essentially outweighed the beneficial assistance...

Professionals can choose to use their power to generate hope—and better outcomes—in the lives of the people they serve. It’s about what information they impart, their choice of words, their body language, and a focus on what’s possible. It’s about supporting dreams . . . Click here to continue.

Power of Hope

No matter what our attempts to inform, it is our ability to inspire that will turn the tides.


Disability Is Natural Books and Media

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