Disability Is Natural Books and Media

There are “Duh!” moments every day in the Disability World. An informational brochure from a particular disability organization evoked a “Duh!” from my lips recently. (I’ll call the disability described in the brochure the “XYZ syndrome.”)

The organization’s brochure described the XYZ syndrome as “one of the most devastating of all birth defects.” A menu of the “damaging” effects of the XYZ syndrome included: “problems” with learning, language development, social and emotional abilities, and more. Secondary consequences included certain physical “problems,” as well as “depression and social and sexual issues."

This laundry-list of “problems” was followed by the recommendation that attention should be paid to the “psychological and social development” of people with this condition because many have “low self-esteem.” Duh!  Why wouldn’t people with this condition feel badly about themselves, since the organization that “represents” them promotes such negative perspectives?​ Click here to continue.

Charity degrades those who receive it and hardens those who dispense it.

George Sand

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