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Reflections on a Snowy Day

Outside my window on the first day of the New Year, the tall pines are dusted with snow and the sun is peeking through high clouds. A few inches of white powder cover the ground. The temperature will rise, but not much. Later today, my family and I will enjoy this New Year’s Day by going to a movie, munching on popcorn, and performing our usual “family rating” of the movie on the drive home. This is how we will begin our New Year.

Before we leave the house, we’ll need to make sure our son’s power chair is okay for the day. A part on his chair has broken—again. The armrests won’t stay in position, so we stuff small pillows under them to hold them at the right level. We’ve ordered him a new chair, but don’t know whether to order a new part or hold off and hope the new chair arrives very, very soon. Otherwise, life is grand! This minor inconvenience is but a blip on the radar screen of our lives.

Pondering what the new year will bring to our family (a new chair for Benj, along with continued drama class lessons; dance classes for Emily; a vacation; and other activities that make for a wonderful life), I wonder what this year will bring for other individuals with disabilities and their families.​ Click here to continue.

Will someone who has a broken wheelchair get a new one? Will my friends who have disabilities finally get real jobs this year? What about the millions of others who are subsisting on “disability welfare” and living below the poverty level? Will any of the adults with disabilities I know be able to move into their own homes or apartments this year?
Will the children with disabilities of my friends be included in regular ed classes this year?

Kathie Snow