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Kathie Snow

Same and Different: Respect for All​ (for children)

This two-page handout, written for elementary school-aged children (and they can color it, too), also includes a third page of ideas on how teachers and parents can use the article. 

Who are you? A son or daughter, brother or sister, soccer player or artist, doll collector or game player. You may also be tall or short, have light or dark skin, or be the owner of big ears, freckles, or a small nose! Think about all the different things that make you the one-of-a-kind person you are. But are you only your hair color or body size or freckles or nose? And would you like someone to call you “Freckles” or “Skinny” or any other name like that? What would that make you feel like?

Now think about your friends or classmates. Are they just like you?​ Click here to download the entire article.