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Why Choose Separation?

​​​Many people with disabilities are Separate. I wish it wasn’t so. I’m ready for unity and togetherness and inclusion. I’m ready for all people, regardless of disability type, to be seen—and to see themselves—as part of the whole: the whole universe, the whole world, the whole human race, and the whole enchilada!

Many other people feel the same way. Some, however, might also add that people with disabilities won’t be part of the whole until society changes. And I agree, up to a point. Yes, when societal attitudes change, when language changes, when social policies change, and when people’s hearts are changed, things will be better. But do we think society will change on its own? It won’t. It never has; it never will!

But to place all the blame on society is to forget that we—people with disabilities, family members, and others who care about people with disabilities—are part of the society that has created Separation. Some of us even contribute to Separation when we choose to separate ourselves through language, actions, or both.​ Click here to continue.

Over the years, I’ve come to believe that the world we see is simply a reflection of ourselves. If we believe we’re different, we may consciously or unconsciously say or do things that cause people to see us as different.

Kathie Snow