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Publilius Syrus

On a network morning show several weeks ago, the newswoman (in the New York TV studio) was interviewing a mother (in her living room in California) about some “childhood disease.” The woman’s eight-year-old daughter (who had the condition) was sitting next to her on the sofa. During the interview, the camera was usually on a close-up of the mother as she talked about how the “disease” affected her daughter. The newswoman asked a variety of questions, essentially focusing on “how awful” it all was. As the interview progressed, the mother continued blabbing about the “awfulness” of it all, and, by now, the camera widened to show the mother and her daughter.

Watching it all, I wondered what it felt like to be the little girl—to have your mother talking about you like you weren’t there—when, lo and behold, the little girl . . . Click to read more.