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Special Ed Preschools: Help or Hindrance?

Segregation leads to segregation. Every year, millions of parents are dismayed and angered when they learn their children will not be moving from a special ed preschool to a regular ed kindergarten class.

Kathie Snow

​​​For many parents, special ed preschools are like manna from heaven, an answer to a prayer, and the greatest thing since sliced bread! But when we look beyond the apparent benevolence of “helping” young children with disabilities, we’ll know that the special ed preschool experience may be a hindrance to a child’s current and future success.

In most states, three-year-olds who do not have disabilities do not attend public school; they’re in their natural environments at home, in daycare, and/or at private preschools. Thus, a special ed preschool class in a public school, populated primarily by children with disabilities, is an unnatural environment.

The natural proportion of children with disabilities in the United States is estimated to be ten percent. So in a group of twenty children, no more than two would be children with disabilities. But this natural proportion is always violated in special ed preschools​ . . . Click here to continue.


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