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Quickly now! Think of three wonderful things about a person with a disability in your life! Most people—parents, teachers, service providers, therapists—can’t do it. I know; I ask when meeting participants at conferences. Most can, however, reel off a person’s diagnosis (one or many), along with a laundry list of the person’s “problems/deficits.”

Hmmm—it doesn’t take a genius IQ to figure out why so many children and adults with disabilities aren’t as successful as they could be. If you were known primarily by your perceived problems and your medical diagnoses, you wouldn’t be very successful either. Really, this is not rocket science, is it?

For those who may still be skeptical, perform your own “research” for a couple of days. When a coworker, friend, or family member asks, “How are you,” respond by sharing your medical diagnoses, as well as a list of everything you don’t do well—your “problems.” What impact does this have on the person you’re speaking to, and on yourself? Does the other person want to run away from you as quickly as possible? Or maybe he feels sorry for you​ . . . Click here to continue.

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Start with Strengths!

It requires

building on strengths

to make weaknesses irrelevant.

Peter F. Drucker


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