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Emerging practices are changing the landscape of traditional physical, occupational, speech, and similar “developmental” therapies. In pockets here and there, no longer are children and adults with developmental disabilities seen as “broken” and in need of a “cure.” And it’s about time!

These new practices are bubbling up from a variety of different sources. But before examining this new therapeutic landscape, let’s look at some circumstances that may be driving the change.

Many parents are rejecting the usual routine of toting their children to clinics for direct, hands-on therapies. They’ve learned that hours spent in therapy (including the travel time to and fro) can have a negative impact on the lives of their children and families: very young children spend their childhoods as “clients” and the family’s life is ruled by the therapy schedule! In addition, many moms and dads are refusing to subject their children to the soul-crushing, “You’re not okay,” message which children receive over and over and over again with each therapy session. Click here to continue.

For your own good. What a ghastly phrase that was. It covered the most barbarous inhuman cruelties ever inflicted.

Margaret Millar

The New (and Improved) Therapeutic Landscape


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