Where are

our manners?

Where is

our sensitivity? Where is

our respect

for the privacy

of others

or ourselves?

Kathie Snow

TMI and Organ Recitals


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No, TMI is not a new disability diagnosis and the organ I’m talking about is not the kind you play. TMI stands for Too Much Information and the organs are the body parts we all have! And too many of us provide TMI and we’re giving too many Organ Recitals!

The TMI “syndrome” (maybe it is a label, after all) can be best described using a metaphor we’re all familiar with: you ask someone what time it is, and he tells you how to make a watch!

In the disability arena, TMI means revealing too many details about a person with a disability! As I’ve written about in other articles, we often share way too much information—information that is personal, unnecessary for others to know, and which is generally nobody’s business! It's not unusual for parents or service providers to openly discuss highly intimate details​ . . . Click here to continue.