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Considering all the options can be a liberating exercise—so many possibilities exist! And after doing it a few times, creative thinking will become a wonderful and powerful habit that replaces the limiting two-dimensional thinking.

Kathie Snow

Beyond Two-Dimensional Thinking


New Ways of Thinking and Revolutionary Common Sense

Perhaps it’s not surprising that two-dimensional thinking is so prevalent—we’re surrounded by “opposite pairs.” In our homes and offices, lights, tvs, ovens, car engines, and other things are either on or off. A person is either employed or unemployed. We think in terms of fat/skinny, tall/short, wet/dry, open/close, up/down, and more. And most of have heard the familiar adage, “There are two sides to every story.” Respecting this bit of wisdom may have been helpful to us in the past. However, this also represents two-dimensional thinking, for there are probably many sides to every story.

But we can change this. We can learn to examine the “gray areas” between the black and white. We can choose to respond, “Maybe  . . .” or “Let’s think about it,” and then consider the “how, when, what, and why.” Because no one, regardless of age, needs to be limited to only two options in decision-making.  And when it comes to disability issues, getting beyond two-dimensional thinking can increase opportunities for success and inclusion, and we’ll look at these in more detail.​ Click here to continue.