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Disability Is Natural Books and Media

Reflections: I Wonder . . .

  • ​​​Since one is often called “regular ed,” I wonder why the other isn’t called “irregular ed,” instead of “special ed.”
  • I wonder when educators who help write IEPs will read and know the provisions of special ed law like many parents do.
  • I wonder when the system will change so people can get helpful assistance based on their needs, instead of their diagnoses.
  • I wonder when all people who need communication devices/systems will acquire them, so they will no longer be denied one of our nation’s most precious freedoms: the right to free speech.
  • I wonder when all people who need help with personal mobility will enjoy the freedom of independent mobility, via power wheelchairs, instead of having to be pushed by others.
  • I wonder when we’ll realize all individuals with disabilities belong in their natural communities, instead of artificial, “special”     environments.
  • I wonder when things will change so that children with disabilities are included in their schools and communities, so they’ll have friends and get invited to birthday parties, like kids without disabilities.​ Click here to continue.