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Shouldn’t goals be written in a way that makes sense to
the person who is supposed to achieve

the goals?

Kathie Snow

If It's Written, Is It Done?

Every day, in conference rooms all across the country, I-Plans (IEPs-Individualized Education Plans, IHPs-Individualized Habilitation Plans, and an entire alphabet of other Plans) are written for children and adults with disabilities. And every day, many of these carefully crafted documents end up stuck in someone’s in-box, buried in a file cabinet, or are otherwise never fulfilled!

Why does this happen? We might have the best of intentions, but our efforts and actions are influenced by our mindsets.

In some cases, the “entitlement mentality” appears to be the culprit. Parents, people with disabilities, and/or advocates may push for each and every service or benefit available. We may not be very selective about which services or benefits are truly helpful and relevant​ . . .  Click here to continue.