Disability Is Natural Books and Media

You get help from co-workers in

your new job.

I’m told I need

a job coach.

You and I (adult version)

Other “You and I” comparisons are out there; this is another that can hopefully generate positive change.Not all scenarios apply to all people, but they represent the real lives of too many adults with developmental disabilities.

You’re frustrated, sad, scared, or angry.

I’m told I have inappropriate behavior.

You’re addicted to coffee, chocolate, texting, reality TV, and more.
I’m told I have obsessions, and others use these as rewards or punishments in my behavior plan.

You eat what you want, when you want.

I’m told what and when I can eat.

You protect your personal space and property.

I have no right to personal space and property.

You speak up and defend yourself.

I’m described as noncompliant.​

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