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You and I (child version)

Other “You and I” comparisons are out there; this is another that can hopefully generate positive change. Not all scenarios apply to all people, but they represent the real lives of too many children with developmental disabilities.

You go to preschool-child care or stay at home with your mom or dad.
I go to the special ed preschool, where I get therapy, work on goals they wrote for me, and more. I have long bus rides. It’s hard when you’re just a little kid.

You graduate from preschool.

I’m held back in the special ed preschool; they say I’m not ready to move on. (How do you fail preschool?)

You start kindergarten, whether or not you know your letters and numbers or anything else.

I’m told I’m still not ready for kindergarten, so I’m “placed” in a special education classroom.

You move up as you grow up; you know the difference between first grade and fourth grade.

I stay in the same special ed classroom for years, so I don’t know what grade I’m in, and I don’t know how to be a first-grader or a fourth-grader.

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You’re frustrated, sad, scared, or angry.

I’m told I have inappropriate behavior.


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